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A love letter to my hype girls

“Write what you need to read”-Brene Brown

For weeks now, I intended to sit down and spill my heart out about the success of our inaugural conference in Tulsa. And it was a success. The turnout was what we needed, and I did not see any hiccups that made me stumble or feel insecure about the newest of this business.

What I realized, this conference is not about me randomly spewing on about the physics of the ultrasound probe or critiquing someone’s needle driving angles. This weekend was about developing a community for women. This weekend was about us saying, I see you, and I have either been there or I feel the same. This weekend was about-No, you are not alone in your feelings. I feel them too. This had nothing to do with ultrasound (okay, maybe 10% ultrasound) but more with, you can do this, and I believe in you.

Anesthesia is its own language. And add the complexities of being a woman in this competitive, high-stakes job, and we speak a different subset of this language. There is something so unique and so sacred about being seen; being seen by a group of people who have walked in your shoes and who are proud to tell you to stand tall and lead. Yes, we stumble, yes, we fall, but now we have a community to help us tend to our wounds and get up with grace.



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