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EmpowHER at University of Tulsa

Continuing Education in the Sooner State


  • February 20th and 21st, 2022

  • 22 Continuing Education Credits

  • Hybrid educational offering: in-person, online, hands-on scanning to maximize your time, and your educational experience.

  • POCUS assessment, Peripheral Nerve Blocks in clinical practice, Opioid-Free Anesthesia.

Tulsa: Welcome

Schedule of Events

Day 1 Sunday 02/20/2022

0745-0800: Introductions

0800-0900: Background: First Do No Harm 

0900-1000: Barriers to the implementation of OFA/PNB in clinical practice 

1000-1100: Upper extremity nerve blocks-indications, contraindications, common complications

1100-1200: Lower extremity nerve blocks-indications, contraindications, common complications 

1200-1300: Lunch break

1300-1400: Truncal blocks-indications, contraindications, common complications 

1400-1700: Open scanning stations (upper extremity, lower extremity, truncal) 

Monday 02/21/2022

0800-0900: Less hocus and more POCUS-utilization of POCUS to improve patient outcomes in the setting of anesthesia 

0900-1000: POCUS for gastric scanning-how to assess gastric volume and apply to clinical practice 

1000-1100: POCUS for cardiac scanning-determining EF and filling volumes utilizing TTE 

1100-1200: POCUS for vascular access-improving patient safety outcomes 

1200-1300: Lunch break

1300-1700: Open scanning stations (gastric volume, cardiac, vascular access) 

Online Content:

1) Review of US Physics, 2) Block Safety, 3) Review anatomy of upper/lower extremity nerve blocks, 4) Local Anesthetic Review, 5) Review of utilization/anatomy of truncal blocks, 6) Introduction to POCUS

Tulsa: Text

*Please be advised that proof of vaccination will be required to complete registration and can be emailed to Masks will be required during lectures and scanning.*

Tulsa: Inventory
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