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At its core, EmpowHER Anesthesia was founded to support Nurse Anesthesia continued education for women by women. A platform for women to share their research and knowledge. And to have a say in what they want to learn.

But why stop just there when we have the opportunity to build an inclusive community for female CRNAs?

Let's be real, sometimes the language we speak is not easy to understand to the outside world. We are scientists, clinicians, and practitioners. But above all, we are women. We need to deliver and communicate information especially conducive to how an EmpowHER'ed woman needs to receive it. 

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Education for women by women

Nurse Anesthesia Continued Education

Both a 2019 and a 2020 survey revealed (with statistical significance) that female CRNAs have lower self-perceived competence.  While this perception may or may not translate into clinical performance, a self-assessed perception of decreased competence in female providers needs to be addressed!

Research has demonstrated that female providers routinely fall victim to a confidence gap, with their self-assessed competence levels regarding clinical skills trending lower than their male counterparts.

At EmpowHER Anesthesia, we believe the results of this research are not the core problem but rather a symptom. For this reason, we believe that tailoring education for women by women will both increase female perceptions of competence, help women gain confidence, and encourage women to pursue leadership roles. 

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Your time as currency

As a working CRNA, know we SEE you. We see you working long-shifts in anesthesia. We see you hang up your scrubs, put your hair into a bun, and continue to work at home too.

Your time has value, and we value you. 

Continuing education is not one size fits all. If you prefer a live, interactive format, we have webinars with opportunities to ask experts your burning questions. Life gets in your way? Catch our recordings on your commute to work to maximize your minute value. If you have other needs, please communicate with us so that we can customize something that fits your needs. 

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